Silk have recently become the stockist of a pioneering new treatment for your hair which can suit all different hair types. This new treatment is called Olaplex and below is how Olaplex will make your hair look revitalised once again.

Olaplex is the latest and greatest in terms of treatments for your hair. It is currently being advertised worldwide, Olaplex re-bonds the broken protein and desulphated chains to repair your hair like never before. This treatment can be completed while you are in the salon adding no extra time to your visit as we understand time is precious when our clients lead such busy lives. In a nut shell Olaplex will strengthen and recondition dry, damaged and brittle hair.

This treatment enables you to maintain healthier-looking hair with truly professional looking results. The advanced formula utilises a Bond Multiplying System; which seeks to reconnect broken disulphide sulphur bonds in hair, effectively resetting the hair from within to allow enhanced regrowth, structure and integrity.

This takes place in our Spa Room so prepare for the ultimate relaxation.

OLAPLEX Treatment