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Our hair spa is about pure relaxation.

I decided this room was necessary as The Awaphuii Wild Ginger Treatment is far to luxurious to be done in the centre of a busy salon. The Spa room comes with mood lighting to allow for total relaxation along with spa music. We have an amazing wash basin which raises your legs so you are fully comfortable before the pampering starts and the massaging chair takes its toll on your body for all of the right reasons.

Let us take you on a journey with Awaphuii Wild Ginger Treatment. (Launched in 2010)

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The treatment’s main purpose is to add protein and strength to the hair. The treatment is in 5 key parts:

Step 1: Cleansing of the hair to remove all products, pollution and oils

Step 2: Moisturise and Lather the hair, which is colour safe, 100% sulphate free and consists of KeraTriplex which replenishes every strand for healthy hair. It also hydrates, protects and repairs dry/brittle strands of hair.

Step 3: KeraTriplex Repair Treatment this is exclusive to Spa Room use only. It is an ampule which contains pure keratin found in human hair, this is ideal for broken/brittle strands of hair, this works by strengthening and protecting your hair from further damage. We only use this on severely damaged hair due to its contents and strength.

Step 4: Keratin Intensive Treatment . This step delivers intense moisture and shine back into the hair. The treatment stays on the hair for 15mins which is when you can take full advantage of the massaging chair and indulge in the relaxation experience.

Step 5: FINALLY Keratin Cream Rinse. This final step is only applied if your hair needs that last extra push to replenish dehydrated hair , it instantly detangles for silky healthy looking hair. Ready to be styled with the correct suitable products.

The overall treatment has the following benefits:

Reduced breakage
Colour fade prevention
Added shine

All of the products we use are colour safe and parben free

Awaphuii Wild Ginger have recently released a mirror smooth range with the sole purpose of frizz control, moisture balance, prevents fly aways and it also smoothes the cuticle and boosts the shine in your hair.

Prices are as follows:

The Ultimate Deluxe Treatment is £25 (This is the full treatment with the added Keratin shot)

The Deluxe Treatment is £20 (This is the full treatment excluding the Keratin shot)

The Revitalising Treatment is £10 (The use of the Spa Room with only selected products)

All of the above treatments exclude styles so this will need to be added on to your service.

All of the above treatments above include a customised consultation, the relaxation of a massage chair and a VIP experience which includes deluxe refreshments. You also don’t leave empty handed as at the end of your treatment you will receive a little goody bag.